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Read what some of our parents and students have to say about our programs:

Youth Programs


Full circle has been a blessing. It has been a safe and fun experience for my girls. While attending Full Circle, my girls have learned sign language, discipline, and martial arts. The staff members are always friendly and very knowledgeable. Full Circle has given me a piece of mind while I am away from my girls. I know they are being actively engaged, their minds are being stimulated and, most of all, they are happy and excited about coming here!   Taleema Chesney

My Child has matured and loves helping others. He has improved his confidence and has an "I can do it" attitude! Deneen Agnew

Full Circle has been a wonderful edition to my family! I don't have to worry about my child because I know she is in a safe environment. Mrs Johnson

My daughter has attended for 6 months and she has improved in all aspects of life. She's more outgoing and speaking Spanish and Sign Language. Full Circle has been a blessing to my family! Mrs. Jones

My child is part of the leadership program that he loves. He has gained a lot of discipline, self control, and confidence. Levita Bassett

Little Ninajs

Full Circle has been a place where the program provides an extension of moral ethics and character development ...The instructors are very knowledgeable and encouraging! Dr. Janice Hay

My daughter has spinal bifida and her doctors told us to put her in dance or martial arts to help with her balance and coordination ... because of Full Circle's patient instructors in working with the Jessica, she can now skip, hop, and run without falling. I definitely recommend Full Circle to others! Sheila Gregory

Gabriel's ability to sit still and master complicated instructions and skills (and coordination) has greatly improved. Kelly Clark

Both of my daughters started in the Little Ninjas program ... I have seen the growth in their confidence and self-esteem. Thanks to Full Circle and all the instructors, my girls have the confidence to try new things that they would otherwise thik was too challenging. Thank you Full Circle!! Marilyn Vega

Youth Kung Fu

Full Circle has benefitted me by allowing me to practice at home and spend quality time together [with my family]. The program has benefitted my child in building confidence, discipline, and people skills.

Victor has developed a new sense of self confidence and discipline...I am confident that Full Circle is striving to enhance the lives of young children! Crystal Cumber

My children have a positive attitude and better focus. They feel like leaders and are confident in what they say and do. Marseeda Reed

My girls' confidence levels have greatly improved as well as focus. My girls love the camaraderie. They have many friends! Bret Murray

My girls have increased in focus and confidence. They have brought this attitude to the classroom. Full Circle has a nice family environment. Sean Fling

Summer Camp

Full Circle has benefitted my family a great deal. When our children are there, we know their needs are being met ... they are being challenged as they learn new skills as well as having fun! Our children love Full Circle. They enjoy the programs and are maturing into responsible individuals. Vanessa Edwards-Benjamin

The staff at Full Circle is friendly, attentive and cares deeply for the children. My child has gained confidence, focus, and demonstrates the "life skills" emphasized by Full Circle on a daily basis.

Full Circle has improved my child's confidence level. If you want your child in a safe, comfortable, and learning environment, Full Circle is the place and so much more! Jeanette Harrison

I love all the support they give my child. Full Circle is one of the best things that has happened to my son! Nichelle Mozee

Adult Programs

Street Combat

I was introduced to Street Combat during one of my kid's Kung fu examinations. I watched and realized that this was a system that could be beneficial to me. I had just been prescribed medication for my elevated blood pressure. I needed a method of exercise that would keep me interested and help lower my blood pressure. Street Combat was it. Not only does it give me the work out that is required to maintain good health, it's fun! Ed Rhodes

he Street Combat has benefitted me in so many ways. It has taught me to be focused and to protect myself. Sarita Gregory

Full Circle has brought me a new found confidence in myself and my abilities. I have learned an array of techniques to defend and protect myself and my family. But even more, I have learned multiple ways to identify a potential conflict and diffuse it before it starts. Joining the Full Circle family was one of the best decisions I've made! Kwaw Woods

The program has benefitted me greatly by having self discipline, fitness, and flexibility. It's a no-nonsense practical self defense program. Geraldo Mora

Adult Kung Fu

Full Circle has been a great benefit to me in mumerous ways. My instructors and classmates have taught me that, with hard work and determination, anything is possible. Since attending, my fitness and cardio levels have improved and I'm well fit! Tamar Gadsen

I love the Kung Fu program. Its hard work, but I look forward to coming. Elaina Martin

Full Circle has been a wonderful benefit to me and my family as far as dedication and persisitence ... Helped me to be a well-rounded individual altogether. Melenga Scott and Melenga Powell have a passion to help people. I am here for life! Bernard Wood

Full Circle has been a blessing to me and my family. I am currently enrolled in the Kung Fu program as well as my children. I was so impressed with the staff and the spirit of the place. I recommend this program to anyone and everyone! Reggie Clay

T'ai Chi

Tai Chi Works! I suffer from Degenerative Joint Disease and herniated disc in both my neck and lower back ... after the first 3 weeks of Tai Chi, I began to see the pain in my joints gradually dissipate. Through the breathing and techniques of Tai Chi, I went from pain pills to no pills! Debra Harper

I was handicapped and walking on a cane ... After time, my body started to progress and I no longer needed physical therapy. I was able to kick again! Thank you! Ray Faulkner

The benefits have been much improved energy level, flexibility, and a sense of calm relaxation. Shifu Angelo Coleman

Some of the benefits I have experienced are improved flexibility in my joints, positive bone density, and a release of joint pain. Carolyn Dickerson-Young

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Children Programs

Adult Programs

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