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When your life is on the line!

There was a time when learning how to defend yourself was an option, but today...it's an absolute necessity! As the economy continues to decline, the number of robberies, assualts, car jackings, home invasions and rape will increase. The days of going out the house and crossing your fingers, hoping for the best, are over. Whether you're a busy business executive or stay at home mom, the need has never been greater. For 18 years, we have traveled thru out the Washington Metro area teaching people from all walks of life how to effectively defend themselves and their loved ones. Our self defense system is extremely simple to learn and doesn't require brute strength.

Mental conditioning is a critical component to any self defense system. The dynamics of Awareness & Alertness, De-escalation skills, Adrenal Stress Response Training, and Controlling the Fear Factor, are all part of real street survival. This training alone will help you avoid most violent confrontations.

On the physical side, you'll learn:

    • Defense against punches
    • Kicks and Chokeholds
    • Choke hold Escapes
    • Finger-pressure take downs
    • Ground defense
    • Multiple attack defense
    • Use of Makeshift weapons
    • Weapon Disarms

Our self defense system has been utilized by Police Officers,Correctional Officers, Executive Protection Specialist, professionals, and the average lay person. In today's violent society, you can't afford not to invest in a self-defense program that could one day save you or your loved one's life.

Remember, "not knowing how to defend yourself is like not having car insurance!"

"It's not if you'll need it, but when you'll need it!" Be Prepared!

Combat Kuntao
"Get Fit...Stay Safe"
No Uniforms, No Bowing, No Belts!
This program is ideal for the busy person who wants to learn how to defend him or herself, in a short period of time, while getting in the best shape of their life! Be Prepared!

Defensive Tactics

Elite Defense Tactics Program ( Law Enforcement )
This program was designed for law enforcement, security personnel, and personal protection specialists. Click here to learn more!

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