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For over 25 years, Grandmaster Samuel Scott and his staff of expert martial arts instructors have dedicated their lives to empowering others through the martial arts. Full Circle Martial Arts Academy located in Capitol Heights Maryland offers the most advanced real-world self-defense programs for adults and age-based character developemnt martial arts programs for children students. Students are taught to respect themselves and others, while gaining self-confidence, self respect, integrity, honesty, vital self defense skills and improving physical fitness.

We teach a variety of martial arts and fitness programs with age specific curriculm to ensure our students reach their full potential. Our martial arts school lessons include Kung Fu, Street Combat, Tai Chi, Women's Self Defense, Arnis, Combat Kuntao, Summer Camp and the area's best after school martial arts program.

Proudly serving the greater Washington DC metro area including Capitol Heights, Greenbelt, Mitchelville, Bowie, Largo, Upper Marlboro and Kettering. Serving Prince George's County (PG County), in MD for 25 years. Contact us to learn more about our programs and special offers.

Bully Busting Book

The Bully Problem

Grandmaster Samuel Scott's best selling bully busting book is back in stock. The reality is that most advice on how to deal with bullies does not work! Arm your child with the knowledge, confidence and skills needed to handle bullies, avoid pressure and build self-esteem.Rate 5 Stars by our Parents!

Children Martial Arts Classes

Our programs are proven to increase childrens confidence, discipline, motor coordination, character development, and leadership skills - all while having fun at the same time!

Little Ninjas

Your child will not only learn the art of Kung Fu, but they'll improve gross motor skills, increase confidence, improve self-control, and boost self-esteem.

Youth Kung Fu

This is where we lay the foundation for our future leaders. We provide a safe, nurturing, family environment that reinforces good family values.

After School

Knowing that the most dangerous time of the day for a child is between the hours of 3pm-6pm, we have committed ourselves to turning that "critical" time into "productive" hours. No need to stress out at work worrying what your child is doing or who's negatively influencing him/her.

Summer Camp

Studies show that an unproductive summer can actually interrupt a child's ability to focus, concentrate and learn when they return to school.


Teen and Adult Martial Arts Classes

Not only are our workouts a great way to get in shape and relieve stress, but our classroom practice sessions develop leadership skills, boosts confidence and gives you the ability to protect yourself and loved ones.

Adult Kung Fu

This exciting and challenging program gives you the best of both worlds! Here you'll improve; strength, flexibility, cardio and energy level, while learning traditional self-defense.

Street Combat

Today, it’s a necessity to learn how to defend yourself. Our Street Combat Self-Defense system is simple to learn and doesn't require brute strength.

Tai Chi

We are undoubtedly living in extremely stressful times. Recognizing the fact that "stress kills," Full Circle is totally committed to bringing "balance" back into the community.

Women’s Self-Defense

In this fun and energetic program we teach you the necessary physical and psychological skills to defend yourself from an attacker and eliminate yourself as being an easy target. You’ll be put through real world scenarios to better prepare you for any situation.


Real World Self Defense Classes


"Not knowing how to protect yourself is like not having car insurance!" Master Scott is recognized as one of the top self-defense instructors in the world. He has taught law enforcement officers in the U.S. and abroad, his simple, yet highly-effective system of personal protection. From day one, you'll begin to learn the necessary skill set needed to effectively address all ranges of engagement...within the confinements of the law. This includes: use of legal weapons; empty-hand defense; ground defense, control holds; multiple attack defense; and more. You will be amazed at how fast you’ll learn these life-saving techniques!


“My Child has matured and loves helping others. He has improved his confidence and has an "I can do it" attitude!”
-Deneen Agnew

“My girls have increased in focus and confidence. They have brought this attitude to the classroom. Full Circle has a nice family environment.”
-Sean Fling

“The program has benefitted me greatly by having self discipline, fitness, and flexibility. It's a no-nonsense practical self defense program.”
-Geraldo Mora


For more information, give us a call at 301-808-3578 or fill out our information request form

Full Circle Martial Arts Academy offers a variety of martial arts lessons, including children and adult Kung Fu classes, Tai Chi, and Street Combat Self Defense. Full Circle Martial Arts Academy is located in Capitol Heights, MD and proudly provides martial arts training for Washington DC, Greenbelt, Mitchelville, Bowie, Largo, Upper Marlboro and Kettering. Serving PG County, MD for 20 years. Learn more about our exciting martial arts and self defense programs.